Physics Sample Paper Class XII For CBSE Board 2011

Physics Sample Paper Class XII For CBSE Board 2011

* Find the net resistance if the resistance of each resistor is 1Ω.
* In which of the following circuits will the bulb stop glowing after some time? In which case will it continue?
* Consider the following diffraction patter where MN is a slit which is divided into 3 equal parts by 2 imaginary points O and Ó.
* The position of first bright fringe is given by a point P. Waves from M and O have a phase difference 2π at P. What will you observe if?
* If Phase difference between potential difference and current in a RL circuit is 90 degree, find the time lag between them where power is supplied by an A.C. source of frequency 10 Hz.
* Draw the circuit diagram for a p-n-p transistor under active region and represent the depletion region.
* Let the potential gradient be 5 V/m in a potentiometer. Let 10 A of current flow through the potentiometer wire and current the through 5 Ω resistor is Zero. Find the position of null deflection from end A.
* Four plates are connected to 2 different batteries of same volt as shown below.(Note: the wires of the battery meet each other and the magnitude of surface charge density of each plate is σ). Find the electric field between second plate and third plate.
* Name the different layers of atmosphere and the frequencies that the respective layers affect.


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